As a leading digital marketing agency in India, Tachomind helps your business grow globally. We mainly focus on accomplishing high rankings and high traffic for our clients. Our main motto is “ if you don’t succeed, we won’t succeed.

We, as a trusted digital agency, make sure to make your site search engine friendly. We understand the Google Algorithm in a better way and work accordingly. We help you in achieving the top page Google ranking.

Don’t you think it can make a lot of difference to your business? Definitely yes. While other agencies just promise to give good results in the form of traffic, we assure you the results you really want. Our sole mission is on digital marketing strategies which helps in increasing serious revenue for your business.

Our Packages


$399 / month

* 10 Keywords

* GMB Setup (Local SEO)

* 10 Post creation and Social Media Management

* Content Writing (As needed)

* Facebook/Instagram Ads Upto $500

* Google ads Extra


$799 / month

* 20 Keywords

* GMB Setup (Local SEO)

* 20 Post on Social Media

* Content Writing (As needed)

* Facebook/Instagram Ads Upto $1000

* Google ads Upto $1000


$1599 / month

* 30 Keywords

* GMB Setup (Local SEO)

* 30 Post on Social Media

* Content Writing (As needed)

* Facebook/Instagram Ads Upto $2500

* Google ads Upto $2500


$3999 / month

* 50 Keywords

* GMB Setup (Local SEO)

* 45 Post on Social Media

* Content Writing (As needed)

* Facebook/Instagram Ads Upto $7500

* Google ads Upto $7500


$7999 / month

* 100 Keywords

* GMB Setup (Local SEO)

* 90 Post on Social Media

* Content Writing (As needed)

* Facebook/Instagram Ads Upto $20000

* Google ads Upto $25000

Are you looking for an advanced marketing strategy to experience the spike in your sales rate?


If you want to make effective strategies for the visibility of your business online, then a digital marketing company will be a one-stop solution for you.

Digital marketing or online marketing is the proven marketing strategy that offers visibility and traffic to your site at the minimum cost. Digital marketing shows the power of the internet. It can take your business to the peak of success by boosting its website traffic.

If you own a business that doesn’t give you a satisfactory revenue rate, then this is the right time to implement the digital marketing agency. We are the leading digital marketing agency that ensures to take your business to the next level. We at TachoMind, a digital marketing agency, will help you by giving visibility to your business on digital platforms.

With us, you will not only reach your targeted audience but also convert them into your clients. As a business owner, you have to battle with a lot of competitors. Ranking a business on the digital platform sometimes needs time, but when you have the helping hands of a digital marketing company like us, it becomes easy!

A lot of businesses are added to the online platform in each hour, so making your business ranked could be the greatest issue. It really seems tough to be in the race in this competitive world. Therefore, it is necessary to have a digital presence on the internet so that you can emerge as a powerful brand. If you want to achieve new heights, then you have to implement the digital marketing strategy!

Improve your website with the best digital marketing team. As experts in web designing, we help in boosting your business growth. We have the best plans with the latest technology tools that help in executing the required traffic and rankings your business seeks for. With the help of our digital marketing services, you will be on the top of every search engine results. We have the best SEO Services that cover a vital procedure in Digital Marketing.

Online Reputation Management SEO Services, to achieve your business target. Redesign your website with our best digital marketing strategies. We are the best choice for your business as we seriously want our work to build your digital presence for your target audiences.

Promoting business

In recent times, the digital marketing term emerges as a new way of marketing. Promoting your business is the only way to attract global and local users. In order to promote your business, you need to hire a digital marketing agency. As per the recent report, there is a 27% hike in digital marketing advertisements and campaigns. If your business still didn’t receive the required attention from the targeted consumers, then this is the right time to talk with a digital marketing agency like us!

How to achieve goal?

A business can easily achieve its goal if it gets enough connections. There were almost billions of active internet users at the need of 2020 who mostly preferred the online media to purchase any kind of service. Also, those days are gone when you visit door to door for promoting and advertising your products to the users. The internet makes things quite easier. Now you can post ads on digital media so that more and more people can click on them. As an owner, you are always looking for new strategies to expand your reachability. By connecting with TachoMind, you can open the door for people who are in search of the service providers like you!

Growth in Sales Rate

If you are a newbie to this business industry and feel worried after considering your sales rate or reachability of the site, then you are at a safe place. A successful digital marketing company like us will deliver you the best possible results. We are the best solution that your business needs. We have an unbelievable history of delivering on-time projects for diverse industries. Furthermore, we go above and beyond the horizon for delivering long-term results. We have passionate marketers and certified digital marketing consultants who have ideas on how to exceed a business from scratch!

What can an individual get from us?

  At TachoMind, you can receive a comprehensive range of services that can make your business grow.

   To survive in this competitive world, the first thing your business needs is attention.

   A business will become successful when it gets proper attention from not only the local audience but also from the global audience too.

   The digital marketing agency will help you to overcome the challenges by maximizing online research.

   We have a team of digital market experts who will organize a meeting with you. First, we listen to you and understand the goal of your business.

   After that, we do proper research regarding the business, product, and its competitors.

   We believe in researching things so that we can deliver you something better than you expected.

Receive a bunch of services under one roof!

At TachoMind, you can receive the A to Z online digital marketing services under one roof. Our digital marketing consultant team deals with a variety of clients. Till now, we have successfully completed more than thousands of projects. As a result, we have gained many happy clients who believe in us.

We make every possible effort so that your business website can reach the top. Here you will get SEO services, SMM services, Content marketing, and PPC marketing campaigns at a low cost. We excel in every aspect of your business, and on the basis of that, we make strategies. Our only motto is to deliver you the digital excellence for which you are starving!

Here check the plethora of digital marketing services provided by us:


Search engine marketing is the most searched and used term in the industry in recent years. This field is emerging at an amazing rate. As a digital marketing company, we have the best SEO experts who understand your brands. We know how much it is important to run SEO specialized campaigns for your business. Everyone wants to make their business visible on the top search engine page. The team of TachoMind, an online marketing agency, will definitely help your business to emerge from scratch.

GMB Setup (Local SEO)

Local search engine service could give better exposure to your business. If you want to reach the local audience, then it will help you. If you face any kind of issues in the site regarding its visibility, audience, and reachability, then you can come to us! So, if you want to expand your business, then purchase this service from us!

Post-creation and Social Media Management

In this generation, most of us are using social media in our day-to-day life. The number of active social media users is increasing at a rapid pace, and that’s why it is considered as greater exposure for the business. By visiting us, you can make your business reachable and visible. We create fresh content related to your industry keywords and manage your social media handles. Social media is the only platform where you can create your brand image in a unique, creative, and fun way!

Content Writing (As needed)

Every one of us says a website is the king of any business. But according to us, if a website is a king, then the content is the kingdom of any business. We, at TachoMind, offer unique and fresh content that too at the lowest price. From us, you can receive high-quality, grammatical-error-free contents that will hike the ranking of your site instantly. In addition, we have the industry’s best writers who will help you to become visible on the search engine with the related keywords.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

PPC is the ultimate solution for any business. This is a well-targeted and unique marketing campaign where you have to pay for each click of users. It can maximize your profits and offer better exposure, especially to the start-up business. It can give your business instant visibility and deliver better traffic. When someone clicks on your Ad, then it will direct him/her to your website. There are many social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where you can post your ads. Facebook is one of the greatest and powerful media platforms that can give the power to generate leads.

Google & Youtube ads

Google Ads is another service provided by TachoMind. Google is the most visited search engine platform. A lot of people visit google daily to refresh their needs. If you want to make your website visible to those billions of people, then Google Ads could help you. We also provide Youtube ads where you can promote your business on youtube without investing so many amounts!


When you visit the internet and put a keyword related to your business, then you will receive crores of results. There is a huge chance that your business might be lost in this crowd. Have you ever expected to be at the top of the page?

For some people, it is impossible. But here, Tachomind, the internet marketing company, can make it possible for you. If your business is receiving zero visibility, then purchase the SEO and digital marketing packages from us today! With this, you can get better exposure at a minimum period of time!

Can digital marketing help my business?

Of course! Every business can get better exposure by implementing digital marketing services. With the help of digital marketing, you can set your brand in a global position.

Is it worth investing in digital marketing?

If your business can’t get enough success over the years and you are starving for a better opportunity, then yes, it is worth investing in this.

How much will it cost?

The cost of digital marketing depends upon your budget, business needs, and choice of keywords. To get more information on this you can talk with our executives.