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TachoMind is one of the leading digital marketing & SEO service provider agencies with a proven track record of success. The company is delivering a wide range of services over the years. We have the best SEO success rate that helps you grow your business by providing organic rankings.

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Our Packages


$150 / month

* 10 keywords

* 60 Backlinks

* On-page Seo

* Off-page Seo

* Keyword Research


$200 / month

* 20 keywords

* 130 Backlinks

* On-page Seo

* Off-page Seo

* Keyword Research




$300 / month

* 30 keywords

*160 Backlinks

* On-page Seo

* Off-page Seo

* Keyword Research


$450 / month

* 50 keywords

* 200 Backlinks

* On-page Seo

* Off-page Seo

* Keyword Research


$850 / month

* 100 keywords

* 250 Backlinks

* On-page Seo

* Off-page Seo

* Keyword Research


$1200 / month

* 200 keywords

* 320 Backlinks

* On-page Seo

* Off-page Seo

* Keyword Research

The Best SEO Services We Provide

If you own a business and didn’t get satisfactory results from the sales rate, then here we are! With us, you can make drastic changes in your revenue by moderating both on-page & off-page SEO. With the best SEO agency, your business can get more traffics and leads from online search engines. From us, you can achieve the best possible results and reach your desired goals.

By visiting TachoMind, you can meet with expert developers and SEO agency marketing experts who have ideas on unique SEO strategies so that you can reach your targeted audience. Furthermore, you can choose any of our plans as per your requirement and budget!

What kind of services you can receive under our plans?

Blog Post Creation

Blog post creation is one of the most important factors to rank any website. Updating regular blogs & articles could make your website reachable. It can drastically increase the traffic of your site. Blog post creation also plays a great role in increasing the number of visitors to your website.

Keyword Research

Once we are done with analyzing the competitors, we will move to keyword research. No matter what the business is, you have to focus on keyword research to get first place on the ranking. We mostly used the long-tail keywords for ecommerce SEO services related to your business that are mostly ranked and searched on Google.

Heading Tags Optimization

The header tags optimization is beneficial for structuring the content. To make content and website SEO friendly, you have to go through multiple fields. Therefore, we optimize the header tags as per the rules of SEO so that more and more people can click on your website and purchase your service.

Google Analytics Setup

The Google analytics setup is similar to the Google search console. Here we will update you about the visitors, most searched keyword, service of your company, and all. To make your site ranked on the top page, we will do everything.

META Tags Optimization

We also provide meta tag optimization for your site so that it can clearly define your business in the global media. By optimizing the right meta tag, we highlight the most important keywords. Furthermore, we ensure that the information searched by people is displayed upfront.

Images Optimization

We, at TachoMind, also optimize the right quality of the image to your website so that it can load on any device quickly. We use images that have high quality and minimum size so that we can optimize the loading time of your site.

Image Sharing

After creating the links for your site, we create image submission for the off-page SEO page activity. We know images are more catchy than comparative texts. This is required for SEO to get crawled or indexed by search engines. When you upload an image with the alt tags, then Google can easily crawl your image.

Quality Link Building

We have a unique link-building strategy that we don’t discuss with any other. For SEO services, it is necessary to maintain the ranking of any keywords. As the SEO process is moving forward, it becomes difficult to rank the keywords. But when you are with us, then we can build quality links.

Website Technical Audit

At first, we will check the quality of your website. In this stage, we will go through the loading speed of your site, crawlability, internal linkings, meta tags, security protocols, and errors. Next, we visit every page of your site and audit your website. Finally, we note down all the errors on your site so that we can modify them later.

Duplicate Content Check

After completing the auditing step, we move to the analyzing process. We have the industry’s best driver software that helps us to make our work easier. Next, we analyze whether the contents posted on your site are duplicate or fresh. This is the most important factor in SEO because the search engines don’t like the duplicate content and manipulate the rankings.

Google Search Console Setup

We implement the Google search console technique that is helpful for sharing the number of visitors that visit your site, where they are from, and all other information. This information is helpful for targeting your audience.

Hyperlink Analysis

The link analysis and link building is another necessary step that you can get in our plans. These are also known as backlinks that are helpful for providing traffic to your website. This is another basic step of SEO that you can get under our plans.

Sitemap Creation

We at TachoMind have the best SEO consultant with basic and advanced knowledge on creating a sitemap for any website. These consultants have years of experience and act in an efficient way so that the health of your site can be improved.

Responsiveness Analysis

After completing the above process, we will check whether the site is responsive or not. To make your website user-friendly, you should make your website responsive. A good website is one that could be opened on any device.

Robots.Txt Creation

The robots.Txt file creation is another important feature of our SEO strategy. This is also considered as the robots exclusion protocol, which is necessary for ranking the site. Basically, we have the best digital experts.


A canonical tag is the most important way of telling the search engines that the URL is defining the copy of the page. We build canonical tags in SEO for removing or eliminating the issue of duplicate content. It helps your website to rank in the first position without any glitches.

Competitor Research

Before delivering the SEO research, we first try to collect information about your business. We understand your business, your goal, products, and services. We mostly prefer to make your business ranked at the very first place of the Google rankings. Next, we analyze your competitors and check their weaknesses and strengths to make your business reachable worldwide.



Monthly Activity Report

In this report, we prepare an overall monthly activity of your website. Our digital marketers will prepare a monthly activity report of your website where we mention the reachability of your site, efficiency, performance, and ranking. Then, at the end of the month, we will deliver it to you through the mail. Here we mention all the keywords research done by us and their rankings in the search engine.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is a fascinating term that can make your website ranked on the top position. We will help you to describe your product in a better way so that people can be aware of your services and products. We also provide keywords research as well as copywriting services. In the end, we will deliver you fresh, unique, and plagiarism-free content


Google My Business Page Setup

This is the other most important step of SEO that we will do for you. This step is helpful for ranking your business on the top 10 pages of Google. Indirectly it helps your business to generate better revenue and sales rate by making it reachable.

Local Business Directory Listing

Most people don’t worry about this step, but it is very helpful for your business. In this way, the users can easily reach you, and you can convert them into your clients.

Local/Global Classified Posting

When you come to Tachomind, the best SEO company, then we will define this strategy in a deeper way. We have the best digital marketers who understand your business, and according to that, they will classify your business as the local/ global listing.


Page Speed Analysis

After that, the loading speed of a page also matters in the ranking of your site. We will visit each of the pages of your site and check the loading speed. When a page takes so much time to load, then the users lose their interest and move to other websites.

Article Creation

The content you create heavily depends upon the ranking of your site. It helps drive the traffic of your site and helps you convert the traffic into leads. Through your article, you can aware people regarding your services and reach the targeted audience.

Document Submission

After completing all the things, we will submit you the documents regarding the information and report of your site. With us, you can make your business ranked on the search engine page. Once we are done with all the steps, the SEO company will send you the documents.


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Overall we have every possible step in our SEO service provider plans that can help your business flourish. With us, you can make unique efforts to make your business reachable. First, we analyze your website and business, and according to that, we move to our next steps!

Do you provide an overall report of SEO?

Yes, of course! We, the team of TachoMind, will provide you the monthly reports at the end of the month.

How much time does it take to rank my website?

SEO is a tough process, and it takes almost 5 to 6 months to rank a keyword. In most cases, if the keyword is extremely difficult, then it may take one year. It totally depends upon your business.

How much it cost?

SEO is a very long-term process, and the cost of SEO may vary depending upon your business, budget, and choice of keywords. For further details, you can talk with our executives.

Does my business need SEO service?

If you own a business and didn’t get any satisfactory results till now, then SEO could be the solution for you. Through SEO, you can increase the site rankings and traffics that ultimately improve your sales rate.