The competition between the different hotels is equally intense in the digital world. This made their work quite tough to achieve high rankings in the organic search results.

Hotel marketers are usually asked to be clear regarding some questions relating to the future. They are:

  • Is this offer perfect to sell?
  • How much revenue will it generate?
  • What publications can work best to reach particular markets?

If you wish to have a guess in hotel marketing and attract more customers to your property, then consider implementing pay-per-clicks(PPC) campaigns for your independent hotel to grow more.

For modern marketers, precisely measurable, targeted, and budget-friendly, hotel PPC advertising is a mandatory technique to increase their revenue.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is usually known as PPC and is known to be the most effective technique to increase more bookings on your website. The marketing strategy must be implemented in a perfect way keeping important things into consideration in order to generate conversion rates and site visitors.

Here’s the details regarding the PPC Campaign and how it can benefit your hotel business.

What is a PPC campaign?

Pay-Per-Click(PPC) campaign or search engine marketing campaign is an advertising technique where a hotel targets a particular keyword in order to promote their website as per a particular set of online searchers. 

Now, the number of clicks you receive on your website from the users dictates the amount paid for your campaign. In this way, it proved to be a cost-effective way to generate traffic for your hotel website.

Moreover, your hotel PPC advertising techniques are not only responsible to boost a tonne of clicks but its job is more than that. It is helpful in attracting more guests to your hotels who have a keen interest and are highly likely to be your regular clients and thus boost your hotel business.

How to choose a PPC keyword?

Well, the keyword is referred to as the heart of a PPC campaign. So it is mandatory to perform proper research about the audience that you are mainly looking for and their online search aspects before choosing a keyword for an effective hotel PPC campaign.

It is necessary that the keywords should be relevant to your business and specific enough to attract the targeted audience. This will result in an increase in the conversion rates for your hotel business and eventually make your brand popular.

Let’s say, for example, you might include some popular versions of keyword search phrases along with the version that is long-form identifying specific locations.

How does the PPC campaign work for your Hotels?

Well, the Pay-Per-Click(PPC) campaign requires businesses to pay various search engines such as Google to increase their online visibility on SERPs. For example, if you have done a recent search regarding anything, then you may have come across the little icon saying “Ad” next to the first set of results, which are all from PPC.

All these ads are mainly triggered by the keywords that you use on various search engines.

However, PPC campaigns work in a financial aspect by charging you as per the number of clicks your ads have received from the visitors. But, you do not have to pay a penny if your ad is shown up and it has not been clicked.

A complicated selling system is another way to find the position of your ad and the price that you pay for a click of your ad’s complex auction system also determines the placement of your ad and the price you pay for a click. 

It is performed every time when the search engines users are looking for the keywords that activate your ads. It may sound tough, but once you are on your way to the PPC campaign, it proves to be actually a simple way to promote your brand.

PPC can be used by the businesses in order to promote:

  1. Special deals and offers that include lower prices for off-season nights.
  2. Last-minute special deals and offers.
  3. Tour & Travel packages.
  4. Announcements regarding Hotel improvement.
  5. Vacancies.

The best thing about PPC Campaigns is that you are able to target particular demographics related to income, profession, age, and many more in addition to the previous hotel visitors and others who are interested to visit your hotel that can easily be converted into customers.

Along with that, you can also set the time of day you wish your ads to be performed.

Now, it is clear that PPC is affordable, timely, and automatic, what more could you achieve from a PPC advertising campaign?

In the case of online travel bookings, PPC plays an important and powerful role, as the user is usually low in terms of the purchase funnel and even close to making the booking by pulling out their credit card.

This is the most critical time when your ads are required to be in order to make the highest bookings in comparison to your rival across the town. 

Whether you’re just following Google Ads or looking to improve your existing campaigns, never settle down on your Google Ads hotel strategy.

Here, in this article below, we will focus on the important tips that can make your PPC campaign effective to stand out in the crowd :

How to make your PPC Campaign exceptional and helpful for your hotel?

Here are the top tips that can help you to drive more bookings to your hotel with the help of effective PPC services.


Nowadays, it has become a common practice for everyone to Google every single thing they want to collect information. Same goes with the hotel or resort. Online visitors search for a hotel or resort to book which is quite comfortable and easy for them.

Browsers usually go for a particular thing on the search engine result page. When a guest who is already interested in your services, searches for your hotel name and the first thing they come across is a PPC ad, to which they click without thinking.

It has been noticed that the guests arrive at the hotel without having the information whether they booked the hotel from a third party or booked directly.

The important thing to understand here is, OTAs and metasearch engines routinely bid on your hotel’s name included in their digital marketing strategy.

Even if they are searching for your brand name, it’s not necessary for browsers to click on your results as well. Another thing is to make sure to be proactive with your own PPC campaign.

Secure your property by setting up a brand PPC campaign so that the ads will appear when someone types the keywords into a search bar relevant to your business.  Brand PPC advertising generates required traffic with high conversion rates that leads to booking your hotel or resort directly. 

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