Digital Marketing has made a remarkable impact in almost every field. The main reason behind this is the rise of business processes and lots of changes and experiments done in the industry.

The upcoming trends are getting lots of attention and every industry wants to make the most out of them. Talking about consumers, no doubt their behavior changes with every minute. Here, comes the digital marketing strategies which easily adapt to these changes.

Remember one thing, that “The trend today might not be the trend next month”.

All these factors usually create lots of challenges for different businesses including the E-Commerce industry. So, here you must be wondering, how to keep everything on track.

What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce refers to a business where selling and buying are completely done on the internet. This is the main reason; online marketing is popular and is being used in every sector and helps E-commerce businesses to grow.

With the increased amount of smartphones and online platforms, it has become easier to sell and purchase various products and services. 

Before we begin with the details about eCommerce marketing and how to implement this useful strategy to grow your eCommerce website, let’s find out what exactly is  E-commerce marketing and useful strategies for a successful eCommerce business.

What is Ecommerce Marketing?

Ecommerce Marketing is an effective measure to drive awareness and strategies progressing a business selling its products and services electronically.

How Digital Marketing is Helpful for e-commerce businesses?

E-commerce can create huge revenue through Digital Marketing as it helps to acquire customers and brand value. Without any kind of issue, customers can freely buy any product by reading the reviews about the particular product available in various online platforms.

If you are an E-commerce marketer, you must take the advantage of online marketing strategies in order to scale your business growth. Avail the best digital marketing agency and reach a maximum audience for your business requirements.

Facilitate online purchases and attract visitors through the help of Social media, Search engines, email campaigns, digital content, and email campaigns.

As the nature of customers to be diverted easily, it is necessary to draw their attention towards your service. This is where Digital Marketing comes into action and gives a helping hand to E-commerce businesses to face the challenges.

Digital Marketing makes it easy for E-commerce businesses to grow their sector by implementing suitable marketing channels. Check out a few of the most important Digital marketing channels listed below.

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Despite the fact that we all live in the digital age, there are many challenges for E-commerce websites. Competition has become tough with lots of shopping options.

Well, thanks to Google, people can now easily check prices, compare your products with your competitors, and make a perfect decision before even visiting your website.

With an immense growth of online platforms, here are a few digital marketing strategies to help you capture your business target.

Ecommerce marketing services enable your online store with tremendous selling opportunities for your products.


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization can be a blessing in giving a new look to your e-commerce website. It is mainly the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website with the help of organic search engine results.

SEO services help to acquire maximum exposure of your online store and let customers find you easily on the top of SERP. It also offers unlimited organic search traffic.

Optimizing the website directly relates to optimizing your brand reputation.  It ‘s the best way to drive enormous traffic. It also includes the checkout process that helps in reducing the cart abandonment rate.

2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Being at the top position in  SERP is very important for every business as there is a famous saying, “out of sight is out of mind”. SEM strategy is helpful to retain the required position of your website in various search engines.

These are the strategies through which consumers can catch you quickly when they search for your services and products. This can easily help your eCommerce website to generate leads and profits.

Beside all other paid searches, Adwords is the most famous platform you can rely on.  These AdWords are not only beneficial for your local search but also in your budget.

You can get more exposure to your products when you create ad copies on each campaign.

This type of paid search involves:

Search Ads: With the help of search ads, your ads will be displayed on the top of SERP, when people search for your business-related products.

Display Ads: These ads are normally displayed when users are surfing and even in the process of retargeting. Display ads are helpful in boosting brand awareness, visibility, and generate more qualified leads.

Shopping Ads: Shopping ads are product listing ads and it shows the fast results when people search for products that you offer. Shopping ads improve higher ROI, conversions, and quality leads.

3. Social Media Marketing For E-commerce Business, SMM

Like other digital marketing strategies, Social media gives amazing businesses to your e-commerce website in terms of word of mouth.

It can boost your brand awareness, and drive engagement. So, there is no doubt it can benefit your sales.

Engage your followers and raise interest before promoting sales by modifying your eCommerce profiles. As different products require different kinds of marketing strategies and planning, you can even take the help of social media management agencies to help you the way.

Digital marketing for e-commerce is the latest trend that every online business owner understands and making the best out of it.

Other Social Media Platforms:

Facebook: It is an amazing platform providing your shopping site links on Facebook posts. Facebook ads are capable of gaining a 70% increase in sales for your e-commerce website.

It gives an opportunity to target the right demographics as per your business. The number of likes gained by your website post leads to engagement and the engagement leads to sales.

Twitter: An effective and helpful product tweet can act as a revenue generator for all forms of business. You can get maximum leads for your e-commerce business through a small tweet regarding your product and services.

You can interact through Twitter chat, create Twitter cards, and improve your brand awareness thus leading to an amazing hike in sales.

Your online store gets more exposure the number of times you tweet or retweet. As a result, it improves user engagement for your products and helps in instant purchases. 

You are benefited from the maximum sales that your website is looking for.

Instagram: Instagram mainly allows you to post 2 times per week. With the help of appropriate CTAs(call to action), you will be able to drive traffic to your e-commerce site and sales.

4. Email marketing For E-Commerce Business

If you wish to touch the maximum audience at a time, then go for email marketing. Your online store gets amazing exposure helpful in promoting your product lists in every email.

You can even schedule email campaigns, send digital invoices by email, triggered emails, scheduled email campaigns, and generate more leads.

Other activities such as sending personalized emails to your targeted customers can also be performed. This digital marketing strategy is not just a perfect way to enhance the shopping knowledge of the customer but also for repeated selling of products and cross-selling.

5. Content Marketing For E-Commerce Business

Well, when it comes to digital marketing strategies, then content marketing plays a very important role in making a business reach its peak. As we all know, “Content is the king and marketing is queen”. Both go side by side.

A unique and well-crafted content promotes required prospects. Both the users and search engines love interactive and fresh content.

It is very helpful in incorporating and promoting your product’s relevant content on the website on various social media platforms. Through this, you can increase your conversion rate and hence scale your e-commerce business.

Benefits of eCommerce digital marketing services:

It provides ample benefits:

  • Improves  Brand Awareness
  • Increases Brand Credibility
  • Huge audience engagement
  • Improves Conversion rate
  • Generate more sales
  • Cost-effective Marketing
  • Drive Genuine customers
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Provide quality lead generation
  • Useful and effective analytics
  • High ROI

However, there are many businesses that select a platform as their business foundation. That’s absolutely right! Moreover, in the present situation, it is not that difficult to build an eCommerce website, but make sure to start with a well-planned eCommerce platform, otherwise, it can harm your business soon.

In the article below, we’re providing a brief statement of an optimal platform and bringing the best eCommerce platforms. Generate more leads and improve your brand visibility with the best e-commerce digital marketing services.

What is Platform?

A platform refers to a business model that creates value where the exchanges between independent groups become easier, which helps to bring together customers and producers.

Platforms create markets and communities that allow users to interact and communicate through network effects. The transformation of traditional to digital technology has given a huge opportunity for both resources and business operations.

On the other hand, those who wish to skip this opportunity can’t avoid the application of digital and technology in selling products. However, online stores are sustainably replacing brick-and-mortar stores.

Brands put great efforts to succeed with their first online stores, but yes, not satisfied with the results. The major mistake they make is to partner up with the wrong eCommerce platform.

Basically, an eCommerce platform is referred to as the backbone of an online retailer. An eCommerce platform is a software in which businesses activities are executed and managed through their online stores.

The platform offers various platforms that allow companies to create an online store and sell their products and services.

Luckily, there exists a new breed of business software that can solve this problem. Through the process of integrating all essential commerce and business functionalities into a single platform, it can make it possible for you.

When it comes to the eCommerce platform, you need to know about an important term, “platform design.” The platform design is not only meant to consider technical factors but also in creating a well-developed feature and better understanding for the whole business methods.

It builds value for both users and stores and creates a good network around them. Do not forget that an eCommerce platform is not just a piece of technology, but also a business model. Online marketing services help every e-commerce business to improve its brand value.

Core functions of a Platform:

  • Creating audience
  • Matchmaking
  • Providing tools and services
  • Setting certain standards and rules

Why are Ecommerce platforms important for brands?

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An online store without a good platform is just like a house without a solid foundation. An eCommerce platform is essential for not just the growth of an online store but also retaining its brand value in the long run.

Simply saying,  eCommerce platforms play a vital role in the business success of every online retail enterprise.

If we look back to the 20th century, people mostly came to brick and mortar locations to simplify exchanges. But now, thanks to advanced technology and the Internet revolution, platforms are created to facilitate exchanges very easily from various sectors and individuals. Ecommerce digital marketing is an effective way to make your e-commerce site to gain maximum sales.

Eventually, the platform has grown rapidly, which in turn has created an opportunity in value exchanges to the highest level. E-Commerce platforms guarantee the security protection of your data and scalability, despite being hosted on-premise or in the cloud. It also offers a wide range of operational benefits and business tools, including:

  • A product management planning
  • Brand promotions
  • Searching abilities
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Personalize services and sales to your prefers

E-Commerce platforms help you to customize your product information that perfectly fits your online business needs.  It equally benefits both customers and store owners.

Digital marketing and e-commerce go hand in hand and is very essential for an e-commerce business to grow.

Top 6  E-Commerce Platforms:


Shopify is known to be one of the most famous e-commerce platforms in the world. It helps you to organize an online store easily and quickly with various types of templates available. These templates can be customized that perfectly fit your online retailer’s needs and designing your online store.

Moreover, as per the company’s claim, “You don’t need to have any design or technical experience to create an appealing online store easily.”

No need to worry about the payment issue as Shopify supports a comprehensive range of credit cards in your online store.  Shopify helps you to track the safety of customer’s data and store it.

With a full CMS(Content Management System), Shopify gives you the ability to manage the layout of your e-commerce store. Not only that, Shopify also allows users to manage the store on Shopify mobile apps.

You can easily manage, track and modify your online store anywhere despite access from desktop or mobile.

Due to all these reasons, Shopify is the best ecommerce platform that helps  E-commerce marketers to sell their products with utmost ease and comfort.

Magento Commerce

Magento is the most commonly used e-commerce platform in the world. Even though it is complicated, it has some remarkable benefits for your online store. That’s the reason we have listed it in our top lists of e-commerce platforms.

However, after the launching of Magento 2, it has reached a higher level, accelerating various providers to build an effective solution for B2B e-commerce solutions.

Excellent benefits of using Magento eCommerce:

  • Flexible content management: The content management interface that follows the rule “what you see is what you get” allows you to create and customize features on your online stores and move forward.
  • Mobile-friendly design: Usually the shopping cart designs of Magento are responsive to tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.
  • Highly developed search engine optimization: It gives an immense opportunity for the e-commerce store to rank high in the search engines like Google, Bing, and more.  
  • Spacious and well-built: Magento helps your online store to handle up to 80,000 orders per hour and cover up to 500,000 products.
  • Flexibility in third-party integrations: It enables your online stores to combine with third modules or apps such as Google Shopping, Mailchimp, and many more.
  • Security permissions are customized: Magento helps you to control internal access, customize multiple levels of security permissions, and ensure your site’s safety.
  • Save of money and time: As Magento is open-source and consists of custom extensions that are being shared between multiple Magento users. With the help of this instance of Magento, you are able to manage different eCommerce stores with various languages and currencies.

If your industry is new to the eCommerce sector and does not have enough information, it’s quite risky to choose Magento. Until you have enough capacity to run your business with this e-commerce platform, start your business along with it.

Invest in effective marketing services for e-commerce and make your business reach its peak.


3DCart is the most secure and powerful eCommerce platform serving more than 22,000 online businesses. It helps online sellers to create online stores to rank high and sell more.

With these amazing features, it provides the latest SEO standards, mobile-ready themes, and marketing eCommerce tools for your online store to convert higher and increase conversion rate.

Ecommerce marketing services help to build up new opportunities to boost your sales.

You can build an online store with 3DCart having all the following features:

  • All-in-one features: 3DCart offers you everything that you look for creating an optimized eCommerce store with all features including shopping carts, design, and more.

Despite selling digital or physical products, no need to add more eCommerce services or tools as domain names and hosting are available.

  • Customer-friendly website: 3DCart supports you to create a website that is customer-friendly. It gives you access to use high-quality product images and lets your customers carry essential actions on your website.
  • Well Synchronized: It is quite flexible for selling your products on social media, and other channels.
  • Customer’s data is secure: 3DCart is totally secured with PCI Certification, sitewide HTTPS, two-factor authentication, and anti-fraud tools. Fortunately, customers’ data will be safe on your site, which restores customers’ sales and trust.
  • Measurable: 3DCart supports both small and large businesses and manages unlimited traffic and sales with an integrated CRM software.
  • Trustworthy: With well-built features, 3DCart ensures to keep your website away from low speed and downtime. You can achieve a flawless and seamless user experience.

In addition to this, 3DCart offers 24/7 expert eCommerce support, which makes it an optimal e-commerce solution.

Yo! Kart

Yo! Kart, another powerful standalone e-commerce platform for your brand.  It is perfect for business owners who want to start online marketplaces similar to Amazon, Flipkart, or eBay. It has been used by 1000+ businesses that include small and big enterprises.

It’s a fully customizable ecommerce platform that enables you to boost your business growth as per the requirements. It offers the right set of features and actions to launch systematic multi-vendor e-commerce stores.

The latest version of Yo! Kart is V9.3.0, which comes with extended e-commerce features like split payments, pickup at the store, & shipping management Geolocation, & pre-integrated APIs for taxes.

Yo! Kart provides mobile apps and progressive web apps in order to help you succeed in the eCommerce industry.

Unlike Shopify, it is a self-hosted multi-vendor platform that comes with zero recurring fees and with a lifetime license. The great thing about, Yo! Kart team is providing free installation and 1-year free technical support on all packages.


BigCommerce is placed at the top most position in e-commerce platforms.  It is well-known for its highly flexible APIs and low total cost of ownership.

This particular platform provides you with a comprehensive set of eCommerce tools with a wide range of features and options. It helps your store to integrate out-of-the-box with most of the essential e-commerce solutions.

It is very interesting to know that this platform is beneficial for both B2B and B2C customers as it makes it easier to create different catalogs and price lists for various customer groups.

The initial learning layout of BigCommerce is higher than some other service platforms, due to the complexity of built-in features.  But,  it is still possible for a new industry to learn about this platform and make use of it. 


WooCommerce, a free WordPress plugin is another most beneficial e-commerce platform that enables merchants to convert their WordPress sites into online stores freely.

It offers additional integrating options and paid features to perfectly design the functionality of the shopping cart.

As it can be easily customized, the WooCommerce platform is an ideal solution for small brands with WordPress development resources. It ensures PCI compliance and secures communications between your server and customer, due to its secure payment processor.

But sometimes, WooCommerce can slow down because it is unable to handle too much weight of plugins, themes, or products added to your store. So, you can go for another platform if you want to scale up your business.

In case you make your mind to choose WooCommerce be careful with everything you install that can impact your store performance. Select the best e-commerce marketing services that can determine the amount of traffic your online store can handle.

Final Conclusion:

All we have to say is, with the implementation of these digital marketing strategies in a proper manner an ecommerce industry can grow organically by itself in a short span of time. This is possible by the digital marketing experts which understands the basic requirements for your ecommerce website and how to implement these strategies.

There are several digital marketing channels around the globe but you need to select the right one for your brand promotion. At Tachomind you get the best online marketing services to easily and rapidly scale up your business.

I hope this article helps you in clearing all your doubts about selecting the best eCommerce marketing agency for your business.

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