Digitalization and Technology have shown us many changes in different stages of our lives. Campaigning comes under one of those sectors that are evolving constantly with the rise of new technologies. 

As people nowadays prefer to rely more on the Internet to make any decisions regarding selling or buying, so Traditional Marketing has become more irrelevant. In fact, as per new research, it has been proved that approx 79% of internet users follow online research before buying any product.

Maybe you are new to a real estate business or already have a well-established name in this sector, no need to rely on any third-party databases to achieve high traffic in your listings by real estate campaign.

Well, you can directly drive people to your real estate website through pay-per-click marketing tactics, where you have control as you own it and you have an idea regarding how you are representing yourself.

From this, it is clear that you can display your entire portfolio holding the users together and not distracted from any other listings among thousands of competitors, rather than disappearing your listings or being totally lost.

PPC advertising is not that tough to set up. With a slight jerk, you can attract more customers to your website and achieve your target audience more efficiently.

Online marketing techniques have transformed the way most of the Industrial sectors are functioning. These changes it has helped many realtors, developers, and brokers who are associated with the real estate industry to grow their business online.

Due to the hiring of real estate marketing campaigns or because of stellar marketing tactics it has become an easy way for business growth.

In this article, we bring you some tips and tricks for how real estate agents or brokers can use pay-per-click marketing techniques and are able to compete with the competitors.

Before moving on to the main topic let’s be clear about What is PPC & Why it is important for the real estate industry?

  1. What is PPC?

PPC is one of the most useful and effective methods in the field of digital marketing for escalating your real estate business. Pay-Per-Click as the name suggests, here an advertiser pays for every click they achieve for their site from the Internet users.

You need to do the following things before you get the click for your real estate website:

  • First of all Pay-Per-Click marketing begins with picking a good ad network for your advertising along with displaying it on different platforms.
  • Once you are done with selecting an ad network, you need to pick the right keywords, followed by setting up a PPC account, and finally go for initializing PPC campaigns.

Let’s say, for example, in your PPC campaign you choose Google Adwords as your ad network and make an offer of Rs 15 for the keywords, ‘2 bhk for sale in Delhi’. Here, your ad will be displayed on the Google searches page for these keywords, and you have to pay Rs 15 for every click.

  • 2. Why PPC marketing is necessary for real estate agents?

As per the research, around 32% of internet users mostly click on paid ads as they seem to be more relevant for their queries and search.

Here are few important benefits of PPC for real estate agents:

  • PPC marketing for Real estate investors is very useful as it will be easy for them to attract the target audience quickly and effectively and generate more traffic to their website.
  • PPC advertising methods require less effort as compared to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it is more likely to achieve maximum lead conversion for the traffic generated from PPC campaigns.
  • You can even get complete information regarding the data used to measure and analyze whether it is working perfectly or not.
  • The leads generated from the PPC real estate marketing can be increased by paying the ad network in order to display your ad at the top and first page in SERPs.
  • As there are no budget restrictions in PPC campaigns, so you can invest or bid any amount of money as per your budget. 

Real Estate PPC Marketing Trends

In, recent years there has been a high rise in home selling which means that there is lots of competition in the real estate industry with the increasing number of realtors.

Therefore in such a competitive market, you would definitely need a real estate marketing strategy and tactics to be used by the businesses as they play a major role in business growth.

Nowadays, there are many real estate agents, using certain trends such as drone photography, inbound marketing, automation of lead verification, and virtual staging.

The trend today can fade away tomorrow, but the requirement for a good website remains the same along with the need of driving the traffic to your website.

Tips for an ideal Real Estate PPC Marketing

As keywords are very crucial for PPC marketing or advertising, so you must smartly perform keyword research as per your budget. You must regularly focus on long-tail keywords that are applicable to your real estate business.

Another factor that plays an important role is, following the PPC real estate leads and must be done in a fully professional way with organized data. You can have an additional benefit of PPC marketing by adding your leads for emails and motivating them to follow and subscribe to your web page.

If you want to make your PPC marketing more beneficial and effective then, you need to hire PPC experts or real estate marketing agents to help you get the desired results.

This is exactly where PPC comes into action.

One of the toughest jobs while bringing the traffic to your website is, competing with certain online real estates databases like and Zillow, and many more who have millions of monthly users on their sites.

 Let’s have a look at the search query  for “buy homes in Naperville IL.”

So, in the above image, you can see that the large sites are ruling in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Moreover, ranking organically is not the only way for a real estate website to have the topmost position in SERPs and PPC may allow you a path to the top of the listings.

By implementing an effective PPC real estate marketing strategy, your website would be seen on the top of the Google search page with the applicable keywords chosen can bring a large volume of traffic to your website.

Simply paying a little for each click, but by implementing the recent PPC real estate advertising tactics well, you would be able to see the desired results in ROI.

Pay-Per-Click allows you to drive traffic to the stage where you have the control, as a result, you are able to track your marketing techniques.

Picking the Keyword Phrases for Your Real Estate PPC Marketing

PPC could make it possible for your website to achieve a high ranking in the SERPs for virtually any keywords. Even though, featuring an irrelevant search term cannot benefit your real estate marketing. This means you need particular keywords that are relevant and work for you that can result in converting the leads by bringing maximum people to your website.

To achieve this, begin with understanding your target audience.

  • How does the customer profile look like?
  • What is the information searched by your potential customers?
  • How do they perform the search process related to their topic?

Keeping your audience in mind, make the lists of all the methods they might search for your business.

For a successful PPC real estate campaign, you need to ensure the landing pages showcase the keywords you are advertising for. When a user clicks on your ad, the page where they land must directly address the information, why they clicked in the first place.

Have a look at your current pages and make lists of all the keywords reflecting the content related to your website.

Now, when you have your keyword lists, it’s the correct time to narrow them down in order to have the final lists of relevant keywords that are applicable for both your audience and the pages they land on.

In fact, the successful party in this is understanding where someone is looking to buy a cycle. Let’s assume, someone who is searching the keyword “best LA suburbs” might be at the initial point of the cycle, where the intent of a person interested in buying is much lower than later on.

Later on, they might search for “buy houses Naperville IL,” which means they can quickly convert into the lead. This difference must help you in understanding the value of each keyword and focus on real estate PPC marketing for boosting the ROI.

Once you are done with the cutout of the keyword list, with the help of a keyword tool in order to find the level of competition and cost per click for each keyword.

Website Optimization for PPC Marketing using Local Keyword Phrases

So far in our examples, we have been using what is called a “location modifier.” For example, in the case of the keyword search “buy houses Naperville IL,” the terms that allow us to target the particular area are “Naperville” and “IL”.

There is nothing that can stop you from doing while marketing for “buy houses,” through which you can generate lots of traffic, but it is important to keep in mind that if you’re selling houses in Naperville, then it’s no use as the user wants to buy it in any other location like Ft. Lauderdale.

So, here Local keyword phrases play a major role for real estate agents and brokers as they are selling a product that is fixed. As the location is vital behind real estate purchases, so most people these location modifiers in their keyword searches. 

While using the local keyword phrases, it is necessary for your landing pages to perfectly match the search intent. In case, if your marketing campaign says “houses for sale in Naperville,” then it must give the result as per its promise.

However, most people will go back to Google search pages, if it showcases a house for rent for a location outside of Naperville.

PPC Campaign including Setting up of Max CPC Budgets

When you begin with your real estate marketing strategies, you must be ready to set up a budget,  and then make an offer a bid you wish to pay per click for a specific keyword (max CPC). Just remember one thing, you are not bound to anything, you can modify as you go further and optimize for the best results.

Set up a particular objective that you are looking for in your PPC real estate campaign.  To make you more clear let’s take an example if you want to earn $6,000 a month from your marketing where the average value is $120,000 for your house with a 1% commission, then you have to sell six houses per month through your PPC.

For the keywords, the average cost per click for the real estate can be $2.37 having a conversion rate of 2.47%. Therefore, for selling six houses, you require just 200 clicks that can costs you about $494. Your numbers can differ from the industry average. So, depending on the cost per click and your average conversion rate, you can adjust your budget accordingly.

It’s important to remember that, your marketing quality also matters and not just the price that you pay per click. Google always sends relevant and high-quality results and if your real estate marketing tactics achieve this, it will be much easier for the search engine algorithm to be in your favor.

Boosting your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is another way to maximize your budget. For real estate ads, the average CTR is about 3.71%,  but in case you are writing an amazing ad copy then, you can get the best results.

Do not forget that, these all are just industry averages, and your experience can differ accordingly. PPC is a must for real estate, as an ad budget of thousands or hundreds never guarantees a sale.

Take a decision which Ad Platform is ideal for your Real Estate Marketing

When we are referring to search engines, the only thing that comes to mind is Google, as it is the most popular and huge with almost 3 billion searches per day. However, you will come across various search engines and many other ad platforms.

The ad platform to be used is to be decided by your target audience and your business goals. Let’s say for instance if you wish to sell a polished apartment to millennials, your advertising will be different than, that of an ad that is for seniors looking for a second home.

This differentiator is an ideal factor in helping your marketing for real estate by choosing the correct platform.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn act as the major sources for real estate marketing. Along with that, they provide amazing choices for PPC.

90% of Baby Boomers and 99% of Millenials usually start their real estate searches online, and it can prove to be the best way to reach them with billions of people on social media platforms.

The best thing about PPC on social media is its high visual media feature. In the case of Google Ads, you are bound with some limitations such as text and social media allows you to assimilate images, video, and other necessary effects.

These tools are very helpful for your real estate marketing to stand out from your competitors, but it is important to select the platform and make sure that message must resonate with your visitors. 

There are many types of research done regarding the searches done in marketing and the numbers look completely different depending on the age and social media networks. Normally, the searching process differs from person to person and this gives a good reason for you to focus on your advertising strategies.

You can go for an alternative like Facebook or Instagram, offering the most effective real estate marketing campaign, or might find Google as an ideal way to attract your target audience.

No matter which platform you use, make sure that your message must match the medium and you are providing the required experience that people are searching for. When it comes to marketing platforms, you can get plenty that can allow you to diversify your advertising, but you need to focus on the right technique that works best for your campaign and is useful to boost your business growth.

Taking the decision about Which Ad Format is best for Real Estate Marketing

You will come across lots of format options, while you start with setting up your ads.  All these options are completely based on the platform you use, but as far as Google is concerned, you’ll get the following choices:

  • Display ads: These are the ads that allow your listing to be displayed on other people’s websites. This method can be cost-effective to reach the maximum audience but the disadvantage with this is to find exactly where these people are in the buyer cycle as they have done a particular search.
  • Shopping ads: Shopping ads are usually the ads that are product-focused and enable you to feature at the top position in SERPs. Moreover, shopping listings are used very commonly for particular searches like “buy Barbie dolls,” where most retailers try selling the same products.
  • Gmail ads: Gmail ads appear at the top of the person’s Gmail inbox which enables you to reach your target audience. The main issue with the Gmail ads for real estate advertising is determining the intent of the buyer. You might target a person thinking that they are interested in real estate, but there is no surety of the people looking to buy a house.
  • Search ads: Search ads are the “traditional” ads appearing at the top of SERP. These ads are specifically used for real estate marketing as they allow the real estate agents and brokers to reach their target audience at the correct time they are looking for the product.
  • Video ads: Video ads are a great way to include a more interactive feature to your marketing tactics that play in between the videos on YouTube. Due to the excessive use of YouTube as a search engine, it acts as a perfect way to reach motivated buyers.

The main point in showcasing all these ads is finding the one that is ideal for your business goals. But search ads work best for most real estate businesses.

The reason behind this it helps you to understand the searcher’s intent. For instance, when “A person has a specific query in the Google search engine, “find homes in Naperville”. Here,  it is clear about, what they’re looking for, and can even judge exactly they are in the buying sphere.

By implementing options like display ads, you can easily reach your potential audience. Let’s say, for example, people searching for a website regarding house improvement, in this case, you don’t have control over searcher’s intent.

Search ads are the best place to begin, as you’re selling a product that is specific that reaches your focus on location.

Final Words

PPC marketing is necessary to achieve successful real estate marketing. Well, you need to find alternative ways to get traffic to your website if you wish to take the back clicks from online real estate databases like Zillow.

Pay-Per-Click is considered to be an ideal way to achieve this and could result in bringing large numbers of highly engaged visitors and a targeted audience with a strong buyer intent to your website.

Now, you have control in the medium and no need to rely on a third party who controls all the interactions with the customers. 

You can find many texts and video content regarding internet marketing that are available online. You can easily learn all the techniques by yourself. But still, you need to hire a PPC expert for a successful real estate PPC campaign.

If you own a real estate business, and you are aware of the tricks to close the deal, then the above-mentioned strategies can be useful to increase your opportunity pipeline.

By implementing an effective real estate PPC campaign you can definitely improve your lead generation and will be able to sell more properties.  Contact Tachomind for a PPC service or digital marketing services and boost your online presence, brand awareness, and sales to the next level.

Tachomind is a leading and reputed digital marketing agency in India helping more than 100 real estate clients to grow their businesses and achieve their goals.

If you are looking for the best PPC campaigns, contact us to see the best results for your real estate website. We would love to hear about your success stories with the help of paid search to generate real estate leads. 

Let us know in the comments below what were your plans!

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