As per marketing experts, it’s mandatory to retain the public interest in your business, but transportation marketing isn’t always easy to understand. Customers normally go for the products and services they need but not what you suggest them to buy.

So, what should a  transport company do?

It’s simple, just needs to be as searchable as possible. Make use of your social media profiles, website, and online listings the information about what you do so you come up when people are searching.

Meanwhile, your email list must be active regularly, so that you stay on top of mind with the people who can refer you.

This might sound like a lot, but it’s a fact that best transportation marketing strategies take less time to set up their business. This helps them to keep on generating traffic in the long run. 

What is Transport Marketing?

When we talk about marketing your transportation company, there are a lot of factors in play. Where do your clients live? Who are your potential clients? Where do they work? What are their needs? What can you provide that your competition cannot?

Digital marketing isn’t about creating a huge net, rather it’s a strategy of reaching your exact target audience and encouraging them to take a specific action.

With the help of the following article, you will be able to build the exact marketing plan to get you the results your company desires.

Transportation marketing is a process of taking necessary steps to bring your transportation company in front of those customers who are interested in your services.

After all, establishing a standard in transportation is not possible overnight. It takes time and effort for your transportation company to be noticeable, no matter how you go about it.

You can’t even imagine how challenging it can be for the marketing of a transportation company. Competition is rising and high-dollar clients tend to create long-lasting relationships with their clients making it difficult for startups to build their own clientele.

Relax, as it is not impossible. There are various digital channels transportation experts who can make it possible for you. 

What do you need for a successful Transport Business?

Let’s begin with your website progress:

On your Website:

Well, your website is the core of all of your digital marketing. Whether you are paying for any ad on the Google search engine page or post on social media, both activities will ultimately bring back people to your website.

Sooner or later you will have the benefits when they will buy your services.

1. Use common search terms

Search engines are referred to as the gatekeepers of the internet. So, it is very important that your website must be seen in the search engines.

You need to focus on Google as it is the most popular search engine used by almost 80% of internet users. Potential customers looking for your services should be able to find you in the Google search engine.

To make it more clear, have a look at the statistics below, where Google, processes more than 80% of all other search engines.

Moreover, Google goes for the sites that provide the most relevant information and authoritative answers to users’ questions. So you should have the information about what users are looking for. 

But not to worry, keyword research is simple and easier than you think. You can begin with a group discussion and list out the important phrases.

These particular lists can be related to the business that people are searching for. For instance, if you are providing moving services in Italy, your potential keyword list could be:

  • Movers in Italy
  • Best Italy movers

Now, when you are done with a few keywords research, it’s time to plug them into Google and wait for the other suggestions. For example, a search for “best movers in Italy,” will end up with searches like:

  • Best movers in Italy area
  • Best rated movers in Italy
  • Best long-distance movers in Italy

You can even add words like “long-distance” or “ rated” to your service page and about page. Reviews and ratings are also helpful in promoting your services. These are a few changes that can help you to drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads.

 2. Update your listings

By adding web links to listings of your business can help in gaining more traffic to your website. Make sure to update or create all the listings for your business in the review sites such as Google My Business and Yelp. It can also be included in professional directories.

You must take care regarding the details you are sharing. The information you shared must be accurate and it consists of a working link to your website on each listing.

Check out the listing sites as most of them include customer reviews and feedback, so need to focus on what’s there. It’s okay if it is not what you expected, as a perfect rating looks suspicious to most people.

But yes, you must not ignore when negative reviews do come in, respond to them fast and in a professional manner. It’s the best way you can offer to contact the customer offline and make it right.

For more reviews? Keep reading.

Website email marketing

Email marketing is considered to be the most powerful marketing engine across the industry. It can give maximum return on investment to your website and helps in growing your transport business.

You just need to make the most out of the email addresses of your past and current customers that you already have. Make sure to use their email addresses and keep updating your services on a regular basis.

3. Referrals and reviews are important

No doubt, referrals are very powerful marketing channels, and there are a lot of statistics to prove it. Gaining more referrals is just like reminding your current and past customers to approve you.

Then these suggestions are easily combined with invitations to review, especially if it’s possible for you to provide links to listings like Yelp or Google My Business.

Through the help of email templates, you can create a standard “thank you” email.  All you need is just adding the name of the client and other required information. 

4. Designing a newsletter

The newsletter is another effective way to generate more referrals to send valuable information to share with colleagues and friends. That’s the reason creating a newsletter for your company has also become a part of advertising campaigns.

By creating a newsletter you will be able to share updates about your business and industry news. These updates shared with your customers are usually the information they prefer to share with their contacts.

With Tachomind, it’s very easy to schedule automatic delivery of your email newsletters, once a month is best for sure. But it can be done every two weeks, assuming you have enough relevant and fresh content.

Implement Social media strategies

A powerful social media presence can help you drive more traffic to your website. You need to keep on updating your services and your business in front of your customers.  This can keep you top of the mind of people searching for your services and attain a professional look.

5. Create your Facebook Business page

Now, when every industry is taking advantage of Facebook marketing, why not the transport industry. On the other hand, if you really want to connect maximum people then, Facebook can do it for you.

You just need to create a Facebook Business page and offer your transport services and all other details. Your Facebook Business profile keeps your website noticeably online. It usually acts as a platform where potential customers can find your business phone number, email, address, and other necessary information.

Well, you can even gain more subscribers for your website. Creating a lead generation landing page with a signup button to your Facebook Business Page will make it easy for people to contact you.

NOTE: Once you complete creating your Facebook Landing Page, you can even add a signup button to your LinkedIn Organization Page, and add a link to your Twitter and Instagram bios.

6. Importance of Facebook ads

Facebook’s algorithm is such that people who don’t follow you, are unable to see your posts. So make sure to invest in Facebook ads and maintain a close connection with your fan base.

When you run a Facebook ad, pay more attention to displaying your business in front of people who you assume to be interested in your services.

No need to mess around with all other Facebook’s confusing ad interfaces. Tachomind has a user-friendly ad builder that helps you to create engaging paid ads that will definitely scale up your transport business.

If you are seriously looking for online marketing and unable to achieve the results you hoped, then this session is for you. With our helpful article, you’ll be having a smarter and practical approach to offer your transportation services.

How to start transportation marketing

Now, when you have gained all the transport marketing ideas lists to try out, all that you need is to start with your website, Facebook page, email list, and Facebook page.

You can give it a try with a small one or else experimenting with one of these six ideas and wait for the results.

What are Transport Methods?

Basically, there are four types of Transport methods that include Truck, ship, train, and plane, also referred to as road, maritime, rail, and air shipments.

With all these types of Transportation modes, each having unique benefits, you need to be careful in considering which one will be best for you.

Truck Freight ( Road Transportation)

Road transportation has been practiced since the days of horse and wagon shipments. Truck freight is ideal for those industries that require fast and small shipments directly to the consumer’s door or business place.

Commodities that make use of truck shipments are computers and computer parts, vehicles, motor parts, and electrical machinery. Apart from these, there are other industries that rely on truck freight include retail, grocery, eCommerce, agriculture, and construction.

Ship ( Marine Transportation)

Ship transportation is the second most popular mode of transportation in the world. If your business deals with heavy and unmanageable loads and needs to be shipped from one country to another, then you must go for it.

Ships have the capability of carrying extremely heavier loads in comparison to air transportation for a fraction of the cost.  It is usually referred for huge items shipped in bulk like building supplies, agriculture products, metals, and others which are quite difficult in the case of planes.

Train — Rail Transportation

With the invention of the railway, trains have played a crucial role in trade and logistics around the globe. Mainly the commodities that are involved in train transportation are mineral fuels, motor vehicles, and parts, plastics. Rail transport is beneficial for the companies who require scheduled and fast ground freight.

Plane — Air Transportation

Even if air transport is new in the field of shipping methods, it is the best choice if you want fast, uncompromising delivery. Air transport is ideal for quick shipments that need to be moved quickly covering long distances including overseas. 

Air transportation is accessed around the world and has a large scope compared to ship and rail freight. It is emerging day-by-day with an ever-expanding industry having numerous airports and landing strips in operation across the globe.

Importance of Transportation:

Well, when agriculture and industry are referred to as the body and bones of a nation, transport and communication are known to be its nerves. Without a proper system of transportation modern industrialization would have been still a dream.

Transportation raises the mobility of labor and capital, expands the markets, increases the scale of operations, provides growth and distribution of wealth. It also helps in encouraging specialization and division of labor.

Our Point of View

Now, when you are clear about how to proceed with your transport marketing strategies, we would like to share with you some of our observations relating to your business.

As it is clear that you need to increase your online visibility by optimizing your website with engaging content. So make sure to choose the best digital marketing service provider that can drive more traffic to your website.

At, Tachomind we ensure you to scale up your transportation company up for success down the road. All you need is to combine these above-mentioned strategies and you’ll be on your way to being noticed by your clients who need your services the most.

Avail of our marketing plans for your transport business management and get the best out of it.

Finally, if you want to talk more about our services and marketing strategies then do contact us at our website.

We are happy to help you!

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